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Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Girl Puppet and Trying New Things! (My work in progress so far.)

SO... I started this puppet awhile ago, but finally got around to finishing it.

Here are a bunch of progress shots leading up to the final product!
It all started out with these design sketches.
As time went on though... I had a better concept for what this character would do, so I changed her clothing entirely.
But the next step was to plan the armature.
I made slight changes to the armature to be more practical with what materials I was working with. Also, I felt the hands itself needed to be larger so the pantomimes were easier to read.
 Then I started to build out the form with aluminum foil, as well as added the placement for the wooden bead eyes.
 Here, I have added the sculpy already and baked the puppet.
 For this puppet, I wanted to try using latex, so there was no leftover armature wire to see.
I had to hot glue cotton balls in all the areas I wanted to cover, so the latex would stick.
 Here is a shot from after the latex was applied. I tinted it with acrylic paint.
A picture showing the "hair" hot glued to the strands of armature wire.
 I also had to make clothes for this puppet.
Above, I have stabled my fabric to a pattern I designed for my puppets underarmor/spandex.
Below are a couple pictures showing before and after the pattern was removed.
                       I ended up hot gluing the spandex layer to the body.
Now I had to work on the outer layer.
Started to sew the final headbands, sweatbands, and leg warmers.
 And here we stop at my current process!

It still turned out a little rough, but I was more focused on making something I could animate with, while trying out a new process.
It should look good in motion!

Also, this isn't completeld yet. I am currently adding more detail as we speak!
I'm very excited to show you the final product and to start animating! Stay tuned.