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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#Inktober 2017

This year for #Inktober, I decided to try to compile a comic panel each day with a loosely scripted story. I was really excited with how the concept developed as I was trying to find a medium between feeling comfortable stylistically while telling an interesting story with a twist of dark humor.
I plan to try this again with another isolated story in December.

I eventually would like to create a print version of this story, but you can check out the whole thing on my Instagram feed or search #PoliticallyIndirect.

Here are samples of the first four panels!
Vijay: "ugh..."
Vijay: "What in the hell was that...!"
Vijay: “Is that person running, on fire?!!”
Vijay: “What just happened to this place…!!! It’s all rubble!"

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Behind the Scenes (#StopMotionSeptember)

I had some creative ideas that I tried to execute during #StopMotionSeptember. While I was using Modibots figures for most of them, I did end up building a few fun puppets in the process. Regardless of the outcome, they all brought a learning experience.
Above is a simple paper puppet I made for the day theme "Float." I wasn't entirely satisfied with how the animation ended up turning out. Maybe one day I will re-shoot it.

One of the days theme was "Fly" and I really enjoyed the crow puppets I built years back when I did the "Byrd VS Gravity" short film. This little guy was inspired from that part of my brain. ;)
Above are a few different angles of the initial armature I built. I simply used coiled aluminum wire and epoxy for the main skeleton. Following that, I built out a lot of the hollow areas with aluminum foil, so it could be light and easier for me to add a coat of Sculpey.
Above is right before I baked the lil' guy.

I actually live-streamed myself painting it after the bake on Instagram Live.
But I do have a periscope broadcast of me gluing the feathers on.
Some shots of the finished bird on its rig before shooting.
I am glad I built this guy! He is super cool. :)

Check out my previous post to see the clips of him in the compilation!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Stop Motion September

So I caught the tail-end of a monthly animation challenge that happened last month called #StopMotionSeptember and I wanted to share a compilation of the tests I did for the month.
The idea behind it was that you had a day to complete an animation that included the theme of the day. An example of a theme would be the action to swing, walk, or lift .

I had fun and plan to connect back to stop animation in the near future.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some Character Designs

I've been experimenting a lot with character design and realized I haven't really been updating my website with drawings I've been doing. I am going to try to change that.
Here are some I did earlier this year that kind of have a consistent theme going on!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Love Yourself

If you ever lose love, 
Don’t go looking for it.
Reach inside and try to recreate what you think you lost.
You are love.
You can’t lose you.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Observational Drawings

Woah! Time flies when you're trapped in a routine at a mundane job!
I assure you that I have been still working on art, but it's been hectic these past few months.
Today I would like to update this blog by sharing a few observational drawings I did in my sketchbook.

I've been really into working looser and trying to put less emphasis on everything being perfect.

If you would like to see more regular updates, I post a lot of Instagram! @stoprobsassi

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sketchbook Dump (Brush pen)

Hey there viewer! I finished up a sketchbook recently so I scanned in a few pages and then made a compilation of the ones I liked! I was trying to sketch with a brush pen and stop stressing on making everything perfect. Commit. Generally, just trying to loosen up a bit.
I drew most of these on my bus commute... ha!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Swordsman Puppet (And Trying a New Process)

Hello wandering eyes, it's been a bit since I've posted. Today though, I am sharing a recent experiment I did over the past couple months in my free time.

I am finally getting settled in LA, and I decided it's been way too long since I've built anything. Currently, I am lacking any real space to build a stage and animate, but I am going to try to figure that out here soon. Besides that little barrier, let me introduce my initial sketch I had for this character.
 I guess the general idea, is that he is some sword of squire or page. Whenever I have the opportunity to build a small stage and animate, I was hoping to emulate a few fun RPG-estc animations. On top of all of that, I wanted to try a new process for building the armature.

Instead of coiling the aluminum wire, like I have in all my previous puppets, I am actually coiling a smaller wire around strands of wire that are bunched together. As you can see here, I have 4 bent wire here that I will adhesive together for the spine before I wrapped the wire around it. And as you can see below, I have the final product laid out.
 Very tedious stuff, but I anticipate that this will be stronger than my previous approach. The puppets I build have a certain lifespan. Whenever you bend aluminum, it already weakens. By the old coiling method I used, I was already weakening my armature before I used it. Hopefully, by bunching the wire together this way, it will improve the lifespan of the puppet. Below, I epoxied the end of the exposed wire to create a 'base' for the head.

Now I am pretty much doing the same thing with the wire for all of the legs and arms. Usually, I try to use long strands and bend those, as opposed to cutting a bunch of strands. This way, I am also creating more stability. Over and under, I wrapped the "torso" with the soon to be legs. I then epoxied that ball of strands.


Rinse and repeat the same concept for the arms
as well. And now I will use a smaller gauge wire for the hands.
 Now that I have the basic idea for the armature all composited, with tie-down feet, I will now be building out the shape with more strands of wire, aluminum foil, and sculpi! Above is a snapshot of my workstation before I dig into the task ahead.
 As you can see in the previous images, I used the wire to shape the armor for the swordsman, and then bulked out the hollow part with aluminum foil (so the puppet doesn't weigh so much).
 Since moving out here, I haven't been able to really use my sculpi in a fashionable time frame. Because of this, I had some sculpi that had dried out and it was very brittle. In the above image, you can see me rejuvenating it back to life with some baby oil! Cheap and effective!
 This part took some time because the nature of the beast when working with sculpi. I prepared a rough sculpt to get ready for baking.

Getting more detail work in...
 Below I am about the bake him!
 Getting a first coat of paint down after the successful bake.

Adding some detail with black acrylic... And below I have added a bit of cloth on the wire that is extended by his helm. I was hoping to get a little overlapping action by it!
And voilĂ ! After some time, I have my final product. I also compiled a sword out of Styrofoam that my roommate had lying around. It seems like the bending aspect of the puppet is working just how I intended so far, as well! Hopefully sooner than later, I can work on some animation tests with this guy. I feel like I learned a lot and even though I wish I performed certain tasks differently, I think I will be able to get a few nice simple animations out of this guy!
Thanks for tuning in! :)