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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trying a New Digital Painting Process Out!

So... I always see other illustrators and animators doing this paper-cut/digital hybrid for concept art, and I wanted to test out the waters since it seems to be a popular style.
I think it turned out well!
Here's a look into my process!

Started traditionally and brought that into a 9x9 inch canvas in Photoshop.
Blocked in color!
Added texture and shading!

I might try to do more art similar to this style... we'll see!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

'Like' my Facebook Page!

Hello everyone!
This is just a general update on things, since I have been a little busy.

I recently made a facebook page for my art (CLICK HERE),
and it'd be splendid if you joined me over there!

I had a show with RAWartists August 1st.
I met a lot of cool people! It was a lot of fun too. I had prints, posters, DVDs, and paintings for sell… as well as displaying some of the puppets I used in “Dung!” and “Byrd VS Gravity.” My girlfriend Paige really helped me out by “manning” the Laptop and Ipad (that were constantly looping my animated shorts). 

It was nice because they screen 9 minutes worth of my animation around 11 PM on the main stage as well. The girl Leigh told me it was the biggest response they’ve ever had for a filmmaker (kinda cool!). Glad I attended this event.
I am also open to do some commissions, as I am going to need to make some extra money soon. I might do a post about this separately at some point… would anyone be interested in commissioning me to do some work? I can figure out styles/price ranges sometime soon if so, to show the options I can provide.

Working on a new print series, while SLOWLY, but SURELY getting my pattern sewing done on my puppet.
But really... it's not THAT bad.

The goal is to start animating in about two weeks... we'll see!

I hope you're excited like I am! I will be posting some art in the next day or so, so stay tuned and don't forget to like my FB fan page!!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

More One Hour Paintings

Sorry I didn't post much last month... I've been really busy!
I had a show with RAWartists and I just got time to post some stuff I did last month.
I'm going to do a few posts so they can be organized better.

Here are some one hour paintings I did in July!
The one above was actually painted on a Pizza Box from John's Pizza in Edinboro!