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Monday, March 25, 2013

More Outlaw Art

 I was trying to sketch in marker more. Watercolor/Marker.
This is another concept piece for my outlaw project. Considering the main character is an outlaw, he faces challenges against ordinary townspeople as well, This shot is suppose to be a part of a sequence where they are trying to jump the outlaw at the bar, while he is enjoying a drink.

I did something different with this process so far as well… I actually started it out digitally, but my computer kept overheating… so I actually printed out the line art with a pretty low opacity, and inked it traditionally (the characters at least…). I then scanned it back into the computer, and finished it back in Photoshop…

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Animating on my Smartphone with the app Clayframes

Hey guys! I haven’t animated any stop motion stuff for awhile, mainly because I do not own a DSLR Camera… but because I did eventually end up getting a smart phone, I realized that I could probably find a way to animate on it, and I did…

I found an app in the Google Play store called ClayFrames.

I decided to give it a test run with one of my old crow puppets. I’m not doing anything too fancy yet, just testing the waters… 
I duct taped my phone to this shoe box.

This is a test head turn I animated on my Samsung Galaxy SIII, with the help of the app., ClayFrames.
This is rough, because I don’t have the best way to mount my phone yet (using duct tape as you can see)… and you can’t really scrub through the stills in the app… but for now, I think I could get use to this! Especially, since I don’t own a DSLR right now…

Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome to the Gun Show

I ripped my pants a few weeks ago… and I decided to make them cutoffs. No one thought I could pull it off.

I did.

With the extra scraps, I cut them up. Then I began to paint. This is the progression of a piece I made.
"Welcome to the Gun Show." Acrylic on Denim.
My finished concept painting.

Monday, March 4, 2013

His Trusty Steed

If you’re an animator, you probably already understand this concept… the silhouette test. I’ll admit the silhouettes are a little rough, but the idea is to be able to tell the relations between characters through design.

This is my current design for the trusty steed, of my Outlaw character.