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Monday, April 29, 2013

One Hour Paintings

Last Thursday, I wanted to try something different...
So, I went back to my roots and painted some impressionism!
This was about an hour and a halves worth of work.
Then it hit me... maybe I could try to give myself a challenge and do timed paintings for a week!

I really enjoyed doing this, so I may continue to keep painting... we'll see!
I actually did TWO paintings this day of the same spot. The first was really early, about 6 AM.

Around 2 PM, I decided to do another one… it was lightly drizzling… so i figured, “why not.” But, I only got 15 minutes in before the downpour hit me though.

I noticed it dried and thought it was cool how the rain altered the painting.
All of these were one hour sessions only, aside from the rained on painting (which was 15 minutes) and this very last one.

The last was only 43 minutes because I got off work late… and it got really dark outside!

I could not see anymore!

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