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Friday, June 28, 2013

Live Wedding Painting + Some Older One Hour Paintings

I was recently commissioned to do a live painting of a couples wedding ceremony.
I had no real evidence that I could complete the task, besides showing my post of my One Hour Paintings. Luckily, it was the exact style they were looking for... and they were willing to trust me if I felt confident enough.
The final product.
 The day was June 15th, and location, Greystone Fields in Gibsonia, PA.
 Here is a picture of my set-up.

I did most of the work there, but I took it home to add a few more hours worth of painting.
The happy newily wed couple!

 The second half of this post is just going to be older one hour paintings I haven't posted here yet.
This one is actually a one hour painting I did digitally in Photoshop!
I gave it restrictions by only using one brush, no UNDOs, and I painted it all on one layer.

And the one below ISN'T a one hour painting... just a watercolor landscape I did one evening.

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog! Wow! Thanks very much for sharing. This has certainly inspired me to give oils another go wedding painting