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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Byrd VS Gravity (A Stop motion short by Rob Sassi)

Like I promised, here is my post dedicated to my second Byrd short, Byrd VS Gravity.

Initially, I had no reason/will to continue using Byrd as a character. I didn't want to get caught up in the whole "Tom and Jerry" scenario and around the time Byrd VS Worm got finished, I had invested a hefty amount of time into it, that I wanted something fresh.
It all occurred to me while chatting with my good friend, Trung Le, that I could make the stories about Byrd, and not about the relationship of Byrd VS Worm.
I decided overtime that I wanted to make a few episodes about Byrds' first few days walking the earth, which would all happen sequentially.
I will admit, at this point, I have a small series planned out (no more than 9-10 episodes), but being one person and trying to work on my portfolio to get a job, etc, I haven't planned on pursuing past the second short as a of now. It would be ideal to have more people work on it with me, or to pitch the idea to a company, but alas, time will tell.
At the time though, I had to find a nice way to blend the ending of Byrd VS Worm and begin Byrd VS Gravity. That's when I thought of doing a short where Byrd meets some crows, feeling they might be alike and that he could possibly fly.
I studied the way a crow's bone structure was, so I could make a puppet that had accurate joint movements.
And added feathers with hot glue, one by one...
Above is a scene I animated with three flying characters... probably one of the more challenging shots I had on the film.
A shot of the rig. I just used a bunch of tied of strands of armature wire.

I guess something worth mentioning, is the final scene before the credits where you 'think' Byrd is flying. I shot that on three plates, being the ground plane, Byrd and the background. I've never tried to animate a camera trick like that before, so it was a learning experience all together. The hardest part, was trying to move the camera in space, along with the objects, to try to convince you they were moving together.
Anymore questions are welcome below in the comment section...
But otherwise, here is the link to my film!

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