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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Animating on my Smartphone with the app Clayframes

Hey guys! I haven’t animated any stop motion stuff for awhile, mainly because I do not own a DSLR Camera… but because I did eventually end up getting a smart phone, I realized that I could probably find a way to animate on it, and I did…

I found an app in the Google Play store called ClayFrames.

I decided to give it a test run with one of my old crow puppets. I’m not doing anything too fancy yet, just testing the waters… 
I duct taped my phone to this shoe box.

This is a test head turn I animated on my Samsung Galaxy SIII, with the help of the app., ClayFrames.
This is rough, because I don’t have the best way to mount my phone yet (using duct tape as you can see)… and you can’t really scrub through the stills in the app… but for now, I think I could get use to this! Especially, since I don’t own a DSLR right now…

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